Ministry strategy

TENT aims to address the need for gospel workers through a four-pronged strategy:




TENT’s role in the strategy

TENT aims to be a forum of like-minded church and ministry leaders who can play a guiding and steering role in ensuring that the above process is happening.  In particular, TENT adds value in the following four distinct ways:

1. Overall vision

In the first place we would like to see more churches and ministry organizations in the Western Cape capture a vision for training as an indispensable element for long term gospel growth. There is much talk in the contemporary context of the need for church planting, but the prior question is where future church planters will come from.  Even when the future is uncertain and there don’t seem to be “positions” in churches to fill, Phillip Jensen points out that training must continue, since trained gospel workers will in fact create new ministry. TENT aims to keep this overall vision on the agenda in Western Cape churches and ministries through

  • Facilitating regular meetings of member church leaders, discussing progress and setbacks in recruitment and training, learning from each other’s training, and encouraging each other to persevere.
  • Providing regular updates and feedback to partner organizations, ministries, and denominations to consolidate the vision and as a stimulus to action

2. Training resources and expertise

TENT was originally born to supply the general lack of energy and expertise when it comes to raising up future gospel workers. Most local church pastors find themselves too overwhelmed with other ministry to focus on training the next generation. TENT aims to be a resource to address this issue in several ways

  • Employment of staff who are able to devote time to overseeing apprentice training
  • Providing a flexible program with training guidelines
  • Resourcing the regional HOPE training course
  • Hosting training events

3. Recruitment

Future gospel workers will come out of a vibrant ministry in the local church. TENT aims to assist local churches and ministers in helping potential apprentices and gospel workers think through and take concrete steps towards this through

  • Encouraging ministers to be on the look out for those with teaching gifts
  • Regular day and weekend conferences geared towards being “ministry minded”

4. Financial support

TENT is committed to put financial resources behind its vision. Partner churches and ministries can apply for funding for apprentices when it fits into TENT’s broader vision. Additionally TENT’s PBO status, which is currently in process, will allow for  exemption from donations tax.