What is an apprenticeship?

We have defined apprenticeship as:

an opportunity for a growing Christian, who has shown interest and ability in gospel ministry, to discover, develop, and have their gifts assessed in a full-time capacity in the context of the local church.

Apprenticeship is effectively an intensive discipleship aimed at Christian leadership development.┬áMany professions today offer young people an opportunity to investigate the profession ‘from the inside’ as an apprentice or intern. This usually involves the apprentice observing ‘how it’s done’ by a more experienced person in the trade, as well as being given more responsibility to do it themselves as their competence grows.

Apprenticeship is in fact a very ancient and indeed biblical idea. The Scriptures are full of examples of the younger learning from the older: Moses and Joshua, Elijah and Elisha, Paul and Timothy, and of course Jesus and his disciples. The simple idea is that the work of gospel ministry is best learnt not merely in the classroom, but on the job.

The goal of apprenticeship is thus to equip apprentices for gospel ministry, as well as give them an experience of gospel ministry in a full-time capacity. Many testify to this being an invaluable time for better understanding the gospel and themselves and where they might best serve the Lord Jesus Christ in the world.

Our aim is that apprentices grow in

  • Character (faithful and humble gospel servants)
  • Conviction (biblical and theological understanding)
  • Competence (effective ministry)

An apprenticeship involves working full-time on a church staff team for a 1-2 year period where apprentices will be trained for gospel ministry through:

  • Being immersed in various ministries (children, youth, students, adults, one-to-one) where they will learn valuable ministry skills
  • Being taught to correctly handle God’s Word and communicate it to God’s people and world
  • Being mentored by a more mature and experienced gospel minister
  • Being given practical tasks such as organizing missions, holiday clubs, special events etc.